Divorce rumor starts again

According to a news report in NDTV, Manisha has decided to separate herself from her husband of less than two years, Samrat Dahal, and move back to Mumbai to settle. Manisha married a Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal in a big ceremony in June 2010.



It was not a secret that the couple weren’t happy with each others and Manisha Koirala’s divorce rumors started six months after her marriage when she posted a Facebook message about seeking a divorce. Later, Manisha told that she was angry with her husband at that time and it was only a minor issue. But, it was not the end. She later posted that her husband was her worst enemy.

Now, while living in Mumbai for the last month, she might have finally decided to let it go and live a free life. She reportedly told about the paper works with her friends in a party organized in her residence.

If the relationship is not going on well, holding it for longer won’t make it any better. But, if the issues are mendable, divorce should be the last thing to do, only if all other options are exhausted.

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    • shakti singh says:

      dont worry__we always find better for us but the upcoming session of life is more great that present.. but its necessary that __what we believe in ourself?..god bless..

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