Manisha Koirala biography to release in Hindi, English and Nepali

Expected to release this year, Manisha Koirala’s biography book is going to be released in three languages – Hindi, English and Nepali languages. Hindi is the language understood of the majority of the audience of her movies. Although she has acted in movies of various languages, the most popular movies are in Hindi.

manisha koirala cover girl prevention (2)

For those who don’t understand Hindi language, there will be a version in English language. The English language version is expected to do well in foreign market.

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Manisha launched 7th Anniversary cover of Prevention magazine

The cover girl of the 7th Anniversary edition of health magazine ‘Preventaion’, Manisha Koirala unveiled the cover in an event held on April 4.

prevention magazine cover

Manisha wearing a black-and-white one piece looked as good as the cover on the event. Here are few photos of the event.

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Manisha started Zumba

Manisha has started the dance fitness, Zumba, lessons.  Manisha has started the fitness program slowly and steadily. Manisha says, "I have started to do Zumba slowly but steadily marching ahead, with prayers."

manisha koirala hoili photo

Zumba program was created by a Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez during the 1990s. The fitness program involves dance and aerobic exercises. It is more like a combination of hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, mambo, merengue and martial arts.

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Holi 2014 and the meaning of life

Cancer has taught Manisha the real meaning of her life. Now she has learnt how to cherish what she has and enjoy every bit of the the life she had almost lost. That is why she is never tired of saying:

It truly feels like a new life. I am born again! (I have) left so many unwanted stuff. Picking and choosing what is truly me that resonates with my being!

And, the Holi festival this year was a bit less colorful but, cheerful enough:

Manisha koirala Holi 2014

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Manisha goes to Delhi for cancer awareness program

After the battle with cancer and first-hand-experience of death so close, Manisha has decided to help other cancer patients to boost their morale and help them in their struggle with the disease. Recently returned from the follow-up check in the USA, Manisha is ready to take everyday challenges in life.

manisha koirala feb 2014 in NY

To participate in a cancer awareness program being held in Delhi, Manisha has headed towards the capital city on February 19.

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Manisha returns back to India after a two-weeks-long stay in the USA

Manisha had gone to New York for the check up on the progress of her cancer treatment. She arrived in New York City (NYC) on the last of January 2014 and stayed there for two weeks before returning back to India on February 15, 2014.

manisha koirala returning back to India

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Manisha Koirala post-cancer new looks

Actress Manisha Koirala has done a photo shot featuring a new looks after cancer treatment. The glamorous photos shot indicates Manisha’s readiness to start her entertainment career again.

manisha koirla post-cancer looks (2)

After cancer treatment, Manisha had been busy recovering and was seen in few public functions. She also went through a health complication but, recovered from it.

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Manisha Koirala life lessons

Manisha is shaping up a philosophical view of life in terms of spirituality and mediation. In life – events and people are far better teachers than any books. Manisha says books are usually based on such incidents but, they are second-hand experiences – inferior to the first hand experiences one can get in real life.

manisha koirala - jan 8 2014 5

These days, Manisha has been following a daily routine and she says that she is loving the disciplined life.

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Manisha paints, reads, dances and listens to music

These days Manisha has been staying away from social gatherings and functions. In her own words, she has been enjoying her "own company."

manish akoirala painting

In solitude she does everything she enjoys, including painting, reading, dancing, listening to music. She also enjoys occasional visits of her loved ones at home.

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Nelson Mandela presented a signed copy of his autobiography to Manisha in 1997

We hared the photo of Manisha Koirala with the first black chief executive of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, in previous post. In the meeting in 1997, Mandela had also given a singed copy of his autobiography book to Manisha.

Manisha Koirala - nelson mandela singed autobiography

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